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What's a Synchro?

The "Synchro" is a generic term for a family of electromechanical devices (including resolvers) which have been used in angle measurement and positioning systems for the last 50 years. 

A Synchro can provide an electrical output (at the Stator) representing its shaft position ... or a Synchro can provide a mechanical indication of shaft position in response to an applied electrical input to it's stator winding. 

Synchros can be thought of as "variable transformers".  Shaft angle rotation, with an "AC" voltage applied to the "Rotor" shaft winding, causes a change in the synchro's "Stator" output voltage. 

With their rugged construction and high reliability, Synchros have been used since WWII as the "angle" transducer of choice for Military, Space and Aviation applications ... when only the best will do.

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