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What's a Synchro Converter?

A "Synchro Converter" is used to convert Synchro (or Resolver) "analog" shaft angle information to a "digital" angle format.  The "Synchro Converter", is often used as a generic term for a variety of similar Synchro/Resolver Conversion functions: 
  • Synchro to Digital Converter (S/D)
  • Resolver to Digital Converter (R/D)
  • Digital to Synchro Converter (D/S)
  • Digital to Resolver Converter (D/R)
Synchro Converters come in a variety of physical configurations including Module, Hybrid and Monolithic.  Hybrid and Module types provide more complete "Plug and Play" solutions, whereas the Monolithic (IC) type provides a "roll your own" solution requiring external components and signal conditioning circuitry to complete the converter system. 
Synchro Converter
Synchro Converter Module 
Courtesy of Control Sciences Inc.
Synchro Converter IC 
Synchro Converter IC 
Courtesy of Analog Devices
Synchro Converter Hybrid 
Synchro Converter Hybrid 
Courtesy of Analog Devices
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